developing a peak demand analysis

Using a commercial service airport such as MIA (MIami International), you are going to develop a peak-month and peak-hour analysis and present it as a series of graphs.
Airport facilities are typically designed to accommodate loads during a design peak hour (DPH) with the intention of ensuring that airport facilities have adequate capacity to handle demand at the desired level of service throughout the year. This must be accomplished while, at the same time, not over designing facilities just to handle a few instances when extreme peaks may occur.
Since few airports operate at “peak demand” levels for more than two or three consecutive hours in any one day and demand fluctuates throughout a period even as short as one hour, some delay will occur during a typical day. For this reason, planners design airport facilities (runways, taxiways, parking aprons and gates, terminals, etc.) on hourly demand that can be expected to occur at least on a weekly basis. Understanding an airport’s peaking characteristics is the first step in designing facilities. This process starts with an analysis ofhistoric annual operations, which is normally the easiest and most accurate data to obtain. Planners then estimate peak-hour loads.
As resources point out, many alternative definitions of DPH are in use (de Neufville & Odoni). For practical purposes, it makes little difference which definition is used as long as it fulfills the minimum conditions that state that DPH is not the hour of the year with the highest traffic demand, but rather one with a demand that is exceeded only during a reasonably small number of days of the year.
We should conciser what DPH really is and why planners need to know its value. Your assignment is to produce DPH for a commercial service airport.
We should also concider the definition and role of the NPIAS. (Links to an external site.) The reason for using an NPIAS airport is the availability of operational data provided by the FAA, including historic and forecasted aircraft operational data. Feel free to use a similar size facility outside the U.S., but be cautioned, the ready availability of data, particularly on the Internet is minimal at best.
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