Developing leadership skills

  1. watch the following video from YouTube:
  2. After watching the video presentation, open up a Word document and write a paper reflecting on the video you watched.  The expectation is you will write a one-two page paper, being sure to include answers to the questions below.  Your reflection should be in paragraph form, paying attention to spelling, grammar, mechanics, etc.  This does not need to be in APA format.
    • Identify and elaborate on three tangible ways in which you can develop your leadership skills.
    • Discuss information from the video and include information from the textbook.
  • These are my three Leadership Skills points based in a questionnaire
  • Administrative Skill: 19 points
    • Interpersonal Skill: 23 points
    • Conceptual Skill: 19 points
    • The Interpersonal Skill was ranked highest in the questionnaire and the two others are the lowest in “moderate” range
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