difference between self-efficacy scores in older adults, health and medicine homework help

1.What is the difference between self-efficacy scores in older adults who exercise and the scores of those who do not?

2.For patients of 70 years and older, how effective is the use of the influenza vaccine at preventing flu as compared to patients who have not received the vaccine

3. How effective are anti-depressive medications on anxiety and depression?

Next address the following for the above questions

  Identify an appropriate research design.

  Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the design.

  Provide a rationale for the design you selected

Please use references no later than 5 years.. Apa format.

Using a qualitative study, you can determine how patients from different backgrounds think and feel about the phenomenon of having a central venous line. Unlike quantitative research, it is difficult to generalize qualitative data.

Remember: Qualitative designs generate theory.

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