Dimension of hath adult

Conduct an interview of someone over the age of 65, preferably a family member or someone you know. 2. Based on the information from the interview, write a of a biography on this older adult. Introduction: where and when the interview took place and interviewee (who was interviewed and why) • Responses: Address how well the older adult has performed the following developmental tasks of later adulthood: – Staying physically healthy and adjusting to limitations – Planning finances to assure adequate means of support – Learning and adjusting to revised work roles – Learning to use leisure time pleasurably – Finding companionship and friendship – Establishing new roles in the family and community – Achieving integrity through acceptance of one’s life • Conclusions – It is mandatory that each component below be addressed: – – What impressed you about this older adult – What wisdom/insight you gained from conducting this interview – How the knowledge gained in the interview would assist you in working with older adult. 5 pages double space

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