Option #2: Department of Homeland Security

Visit the Department of Homeland Security website – http://www.dhs.gov/ – and review the types of disasters that fall within the department’s purview. Decide whether, in its disaster planning, the department leans towards terrorist events at the expense of more mundane events, like fires and flooding, etc. Write a report that includes:

  • The department’s disaster recovery planning
  • Key services important to the department
  • Whether there is information about loss of IT systems
  • Which services are the most important for the department to restore first (list the services in the order of importance to the department and in the order that they must be restored)
  • What services can be put off until later
  • What recommendations you would offer to apply/add to the disaster recovery plan and to the business continuity documents

Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length including graphics, and conform to the APA requirements. Include at least five credible references in addition to the course textbook.


No plagiarism, please provide incite citations, keep it simple essay format with appropriate introduction and conclusion to the subject. Appreciate if you could address all the questions.


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