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discussion 1
The computer forensics investigative process includes five steps: Identification, Preservation, Collection, Examination, and Presentation. When a breach has occurred in a medium to large-sized company, cybersecurity experts, and sometimes forensics specialists will investigate using this process. In a small company, it’s likely that the IT staff will have multiple roles, but what do you think about the larger companies? Should the experts who do penetration testing or maintain the security defenses be involved in the forensics investigation after a breach? What are some pros and cons you can see in having a lot of people examining the breach?
discussion 2

Describe how monitoring worker activities can increase the security within organizations. Describe the rationale that managers should use to determine the degree of monitoring that the organization should conduct.
Explain the extent to which you believe an organization has the right to monitor user actions and traffic. Determine the actions organizations can take to mitigate the potential issues associated with monitoring user actions and traffic.

discussion 3

Propose at least three control measures that organizations need to put in place to ensure that they remain complaint with emerging technologies and in a continually changing IT environment.
Examine the correlation of effective configuration management and change control procedures to remain compliant with emerging technologies and IT security changes.

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