discussion activity 2 organizational culture

The assignment has two (2) questions.

Each question may be answered in approximately 100 to 150 words. Support your answers with appropriate examples, wherever possible. Quality of your answers is of critical importance, not the number of words used. Answers MUST be in your own words. You must understand that plagiarism is an offence and will be seriously dealt with as per policies and may result in a failing grade. Make sure you write your name, student number, Professor’s name, course code and name, title and date on the cover page.

Questions 1. Identify at least two artifacts you have observed at Northern College from each of the four broad categories: (8 marks) a. Organizational stories and legends b. Rituals and ceremonies c. Language d. Physical structures and symbols

2. Socialization is most intense when people pass through organizational boundaries. One example is your entry into the college that you are now attending. What learning and adjustment occurred as you moved from outsider to newcomer to insider as a student? (6 marks)


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