Discussion: Analyzing Argumentative Text/Video

Read/view one of the following texts/videos.

“Will Women Still Need Men”- https://occc.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=f5h&AN=2770490&site=ehost-live

When you are finished, answer the following questions in your initial posting: This needs to be 200 words

1. What are the main claims the writers argue in their essays/videos? Summarize these claims in your own words.

2. Choose one paragraph in each essay or one section of the video. Describe any techniques the writers use to support their claims. Do they focus entirely on logical arguments (logos), ethical appeals (ethos), or symbolic and emotional language (pathos)?

3. Do the writers/speakers use any counterevidence in their essay/video? If so, provide examples. If not, what are the limitations of the writers’/speakers’ arguments? What might they say to counter these limitations?

4. Finally, what have you learned about argumentative writing from reading these essays or watching these videos? What approaches might you take in your own writing project?

The other 75 words please write a response to the discussions underneath. Do you agree, is it good, what are some points you took out of it, etc, normal responses?

“In the U.S. The Constitution talks about the Bill of Rights that extended to all Americans and it also talked about the Civil War. The countrys founding Americans were a multiethnic, polyglot mix of English, Dutch, Scots, Irsh, French, Swedes and etc. The Viriginians or New Yorkers then came when Americans were fighting in the Civil War. Virginia imprisoned the Quakers and Massachusetts whipped the Baptists. Government churches were very common, nonbelievers were denied basic civil and political rights to everything if they did not believe in God. For the pathos part- There was racism stuff happening to the Blacks, so in 2016 the students of the University of Missouri started a Black Lives Matter co-founder campaign. Black activists such as Martin Luther King Jr was a Black Panthers, wrote the law professor Dorothy E Roberts in 1997 was framed for their demands in the terms of constitutional rights. The writer establishes the texts by letting women and minorities have freedom of speech. The logos part- The claim is relevant todays time it goes from the 1990s to present. The writer does jump to conclusion and the writer does not have any logical fallacies. The ethos part- The writer is trustworthy he/ she seems to be telling the truth. The writer is knowledgeable and reasonable, he/she gives out good information on the topic. The writer compares it to the Civil War. the author does not have any counterevidence in this essay. What I learned is how to write an argumentative essay a little bit. I’m still kind of confused on how to come up with a topic and evidence, etc.. “


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