discussion board post x2 250 words each post

Define the Zionist movement, which stated that Jewish people needed their own homeland. Summarize how this took place.

If you had to draft the main points for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, what recurring problems between the Israelis and Palestinians would you try to rectify to bring an end to this costly, 70-year conflict? Use the readings and activities from this module and any additional research to try and devise at least three possible solutions. Post your findings in bullet format (3-4 lines each) – in each bullet, identify the problem and follow that with your proposed solution.

Example: Bullet 1: Support for the two-state solution – one of the ways to possibly end the fighting between the Israelis and Palestinians would be for the international community to support a two-state solution. To make this happen, however, both sides would have to put aside their historical differences and compromise.


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