Discussion on positive phenomenon of news on the internet.

Need an research paper on positive phenomenon of news on the internet. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The history of news reporting is replete with the introduction of newer technologies that have helped expand existing modes of communication and revolutionized the means through which individuals gather and respond to information. The previous century, on its own, was witness to several of these technological revolutions and innovations, moving from telegraphic communication to news radio, and programmatic news television to the instant connectivity and reach of the Internet. Of course, with each step in this process of technological progress, questions were raised about the salience and impact of newer sources of information dissemination. The same remains true for the current revolution in news reporting that the Internet has brought about, and the purpose of this essay is to study the effects of the same and to argue that the internet has indeed been a positive development in the field.
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