do you think social scientists should be advocates?

Conduct a Web search and find a social scientist (past or present) whose work you admire. Write a brief summary (2-3 paragraphs) identifying who you chose, his/her contributions to social science, why you chose that person, and the qualities of that person that you hope to emulate.Based on your readings for this discussion, do you think social scientists should be advocates? Do you intend to be an advocate?Think back on what you have learned as a social scientist, not only in this course, but throughout the program. Moving forward, think about how you will apply what you learn to become a “social scientist in action.” One way to capture this is through a personalized career vision statement. After reading the learning resources for this discussion, create your own career vision statement and share it with the group. Once you have created your vision statement, you may want to print a hardcopy and post it as a frequent reminder of your goals.



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