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Assignment 1: Draft Research Problem Statement
This week, you will select a topic and write the first draft of your problem statement. Write a problem statement describing the situation and identifying a specific purpose for your research. (needs to be done on a problem within the Criminal Justice field)
Include the following in your problem statement:

Describe the situation

Write a short paragraph (no more than 3–4 sentences) of the specific situation.
Be clear and concise.

State the problem

Clearly describe the problem.
Describe why it is important to study.
What actions/behaviors are specifically occurring as a result of the situation?
Address the 5 Ws of your proposed study (Who, What, When, Where and Why) and be sure that the statement meets each of the SMART criteria.
Be clear and concise.

NOTE: The problem is your question for inquiry. It is the issue/problem that requires research to document it and contribute to its resolution. Draw from the Discussion in this unit to clearly define your problem and proposed research.
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