Easton Press Books – Collecting the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written


So you want to collect the Easton Press 100 Greatest Books  Ever   Written  well  that is great but do not stop at 100 because there are 125 books in the series. That fact trips up some collectors and eBay sellers. I often see sellers on eBay erroneously advertising the full set of 100. The publisher Easton Press has changed titles over the years but and since it takes years to buy the set through them the list has grown to 125. If you buy the series from them you will get only 100 books.

To buy the set directly from Easton Press will take you about 8 or 9 years and $5,000 dollars. Buying the books in this set on the web you can usually find them for around $19-$30 each. You could likely build the whole set for $3,000 and do it in a week or so given the inventory available on the web.

What makes this set “collectible”? Mainly the quality of the bindings, paper, and endpapers. Also the set is finite and relatively affordable plus they do look great on the shelves – once you own one you will see. These editions have a rabid following.

The titles are not first editions (in this set) or unavailable elsewhere. The titles are interesting and the inclusion of some is debatable especially with a mix of non-fiction in it. Some may say the Bible or Koran should be included and not Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. Also the amount of books written in the 1800’s and the inclusion of many plays may bother some. There are few books from the 20th century (especially from the 1920’s on) not because they are not great but more likely Easton Press did not want to pay for the rights to publish them as the older title are in the public domain. There are some odd selections by great authors such as the short stories of Dickens.

Regardless of the inconsistencies in some of the title selections this set for a casual book collector is a great way to build a beautiful library of books.


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