ECON3340 Southern Methodist Economics of Human Resource Management Exam

please answer all the questions.

1.table on the right contains Labour Force Survey data by gender Nova Scotia in May of 2019. Determine the relative labour market performance of males and females based upon the data given. Would consider this to be a temparal or cross-sectional analysis? Explain your answer.

2.Use a graph to explain the costs and benefits of obtaining a post- secondary degree. If a female (or anyone) had an interruption in their career how would this affect the graph and the cost-benefit analysis?

3. Explain the two most recent retirement trends discussed in class and why retirees have changed their behaviour. How are these trends related to pension plans and the labour market?

4. Explain why income inequality is an important issue and how we measure the relative level of income inequality. Explain two policies which are designed to reduce income inequality and explain how we know they are working

5.Explain “points system” that Canada uses to implement its immigration policy. What is the goal of the points system? Explain the two variables which Canada can adjust on its immigration policy?


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