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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Training Objectives and SMART Goals. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. During the training of the designers, managers as well as the heads of departments, the company will adopt the Grasha-Reichmann Learning Style. According to this style, the approach of the employees been trained will be analyzed while at the same time ensuring that concepts of participative, dependent and collaborative will be applied (Sprenger, 2003). The training program will ensure that adequate time is provided for the trainees to participate through asking questions and providing feedback on the impact of the training on their productivity. Similarly, the employees will form teams that will allow them to evaluate themselves and share knowledge. &nbsp.It is vital to note that my making the employees dependent during training, it will make them acquire wide range of skills that will make them perform wide range of duties independently after training (Noe, &nbsp.2012). Additionally, making the employees dependent will create strong positive working relationships that will ensure that conflicts that may jeopardize operations in the work place are avoided.&nbsp.Training objectives Training objective 1: Employees will be trained to come up with unique designs that will not only meet the needs of the customers but also that which will be difficult to be copied by the competitors. The managers will adopt good leadership skills that will entail innovation and need to attain a goal.Performance of outcome desired: Improve their skills of coming up with good designs as directed by heads of department.
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