Elementary Statistics Behavior and Social Science

Outline Content:
Summarize each of the following sections of the selected research article.

  1. Introduction
    Where did the researchers’ idea come from?
    State the question the article’s research is trying to answer
    What is the theory behind the research questions?
  2. Hypotheses
    State the alternative hypothesis (what the researchers predict)
    State the null hypothesis (the opposite of the researchers’ prediction)
  3. Methods (for ONE study within the article)
    Who is their sample? Who is their population?
    Summarize the procedure. What did they do to the sample?
    Walk the reader through participants’ experience in the study
  4. Analyses and Results (for ONE study within the article)
    What statistical analyses did they do and why? (e.g. z-test, independent samples t-test, related samples t-test,
    ANOVA, correlation, etc).
    What were the results of the statistical analyses?
    Report a brief summary of the means (M), standard deviations (SD), and test statistics (z, t, p, f, r, etc.)
    Did they reject the null hypothesis or fail to reject the null hypothesis?
    What does that mean?
  5. Conclusions
    What’s the take-home message of the research?
    What are the practical implications of the results?
    Future research
    If they had more resources what could be done to improve their project?
    What is the logical next step for their work to examine?

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