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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Debate between “bar code labeling” and ” radio frequency identification “.However, with the sole intension of enhancing the company’s supply chain even more, I want to present an in-depth comparison between the bar code labeling and the RFID to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each. It is my hope that this comparison will led to an informed recommendation regarding which among the two technologies the company should adopt.Before going into the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two technologies, it is important to have some background information about them. Both the barcode and RFID are technologies used for data collection. Therefore, they perform primarily the same functions. Additionally, the barcode technology came before the RFID. With this in mind, let me now focus on their advantages and disadvantages based on various aspects.1. Read Rate – with regard to the reading rate, the barcode reader is slower than the RFID (Campbell Para7). The barcode technology depends on manual reading, which implies that it the reader can only scan one tag at time. However, the RFID can scan over 100 tags simultaneously. In this regard, the RFID technology is better than the barcode labeling.2. Human Involvement – with the barcode technology, human intervention is required because the scanner has to be manually directed towards the tags (Campbell Para 7). However, with RFID, human intervention is not required because the technology is completely automated (Adaptalift Hyster n.p.). Therefore, the RFID technology will reduce the amount of labor required by the company.3. Line of Sight – this is the main difference between the two technologies. With the barcode reader, the scanner has to face the barcode directly to read it. However, the RFID technology does not have to face the tag directly but can read within a broad range (Campbell Para 7).4. Functionality –
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