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1.If the human population eventually exceeds the Earth’s carrying capacity the forces of environmental resistance will step in and reduce the population significantly. If this happens what ONE factor of environmental resistance is most likely to reduce the human population? Defend your answer.2. Compare a mosquito and a panda bear in terms of biotic potential factors. Which species has better biotic potential? Why?3. For each of the following countries provide the following informationEstonia4. Name one country for each of the following three categories of countries.a.A LDC (less developed country) in Asiab.A MDC (middle developed country) in the western hemispherec.A LDC (less developed country) in Africad. A HDC in Europe5..Provide the following information for each of the four countries you have named above. (: 4 countries x 5 pieces of informationa.current human populationb.projected human population (in 2050)c.stage of the demographic transition that the country is ind.current CBR, CDR, and annual population growth rate in percentf.Define the most pressing population issue in the country (population growth rate, population contraction, or consumption rate) AND defend your answer.6. What is Hubbert’s peak? Why do many experts think we are about to pass the global production peak for oil? What consequences could there be for our society if we do not transition soon to renewable energy sources? 6 points)Compare the effects of coal and oil consumption on the environment. Which process do you think ultimately has been more detrimental to the environment: oil extraction or coal mining, and why? What steps could government, industries, and individuals take to reduce environmental impacts?List 2 important PROS and 2 important CONS of developing EACH of the following alternative fossil fuel sources:Shale oilTar sandsConversion of coal to a liquid fuel7. For each part below list FOUR reasons why _________ is a better renewable energy resource than __________.wind is a better renewable energy resource than geothermal energywind is a better renewable energy resource than solar energysolar is a better renewable energy resource than hydropowergeothermal is a better renewable energy resource than solar8. Based on current economics (current energy costs) what is the best potential renewable energy resource for the Boise area? Why? Defend your answer.9. List five sources of biomass energy. What is the world’s most-used source of biomass energy? How does biomass energy use differ between developed and developing nations? (8 points)  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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