Environmental Science

Water is the world’s best-known solvent! Many cultures attached spiritual and ritual meanings to water. Water, for instance, symbolizes soul cleansing from sin as told in a passage from the Gospel of John 3:5 –
Unless you are born of water
And then of spirit, too,
You cannot enter the kingdom gates;
There is no place for you.
Whereas clean water may be abundant in one part of the globe, a shortage of fresh water may be apparent in another part.
The need for clean water was made very clear by the community of Flint Michigan, where primary water delivery was changed in April 2014 from Detroit to the Flint River, which was toxic. Consider also recent oil pipeline leaks that threaten community clean water sources in the eastern U.S. and toxic chemical leaks that threaten an entire aquifer in Florida. Furthermore, access to freshwater is now a concern in most areas devastated by fairly recent hurricane events.
Interestingly, fresh water may be found in Antarctica and Greenland ice caps – and there are companies that are serious about harvesting that water to sell for drinking water. But wait . . . aren’t these ice caps melting?
Based on your research of water privatization, discuss the pros and the cons of water privatization. Is the privatization of water something you would consider? Explain.The post Environmental Science first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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