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I am applying for a very competitive program called Title-IV-E. There are only a couple of spots available. I need someone to write me some great answers to the following four questions. I have added some answers to it that will be needed in regard to me, but I need the questions answered very articulately.Please respond to the following questions in a paragraph for each question. It’s okay if you go over.1. What do you see as the mission of and important trends in child welfare?2. Discuss your professional goals over the next 3-5 years and how they relate to your decision to apply to the Title IV-E work-study program?Goals:Complete MSW program at Morgan State UniversityTake the licensing exam and passObtain clinical SW experience under the supervision of an LCSW-C in child welfareObtain my clinical licenseWhat is the Title IV-E Program?The Title IV-E Education for Public Child Welfare Program is a partnership between Morgan State University and the Maryland Department of Human Services to recruit and retain professional social workers as practitioners, supervisors, and administrators in Maryland’s public child welfare workforce. The Title IV-E Program offers a specialized MSW educational experience for current child welfare and prospective child welfare professionals seeking to achieve skill and knowledge competencies in Social Work Practice in Child Welfare. Coursework, workshops and field internships integrate a family strengths approach with core child welfare values, knowledge, and skill competencies and promote the adoption of evidence-based and best practices in the delivery of public child welfare services.3. How will you use your MSW education to further the mission and address the trends within the context of Maryland’s child welfare system?Information on Maryland’s child welfare system can be found at what personal/professional strengths do you bring as an applicant for this program?Personal: Detail-oriented, Determined, and Cultural competenceProfessional: Adaption, dependable, and patience


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