Assignment # 1: Ethics
Reflection paper Introduction Values and ethics are central to the social work and provide a strong foundation for practitioners. From the first formal code of ethics published in 1960 to the present, social works mission has been grounded in principles of justice with a shared view about what individuals in society have a right to and owe each other. Social work is a value driven profession as evidenced through its mission as well as the nature of the relationships that social workers engage with clients, colleagues and the larger social environment. To protect the well-being of the clients served, social work ethics define the duties and obligations of social work relationships. Social works code of ethics are foundational in social work education. Social workers use of technology is proliferating. Technology has transformed the nature of social work practice and greatly expanded social workers ability to assist people in need. Contemporary social workers can provide services to individual clients by using online counseling, telephone counseling, videoconferencing, self-guided Web-based interventions, electronic social networks, mobile apps, automated tutorials, e-mail, text messages, and a host of other services. Social workers use of technology has created new ways to interact and communicate with clients, raising fundamentally new questions about the meaning of the social workerclient relationship. Assignment: You will review Section 2 ( Designing and Delivering Services) of NASW, ASWB, CSWE, & CSWA Standards for Technology (2017). Select one of Standards in the section (e.g. Standard 2.04: Informed Consent: Discussing the Benefits and Risks of Providing Electronic Social Work Services; Standard 2.07: Confidentiality and the Use of Technology) and write a 1-2 page reflection paper that includes: The standard you chose and why you think this standard reflects the core values in NASWs Code of Ethics Discuss changes (if any) to the social worker/client relationship brought about by technology What adaptations would you need to make to support the standard you selected based on the population you serve at your internship? For example, would the confidentiality and the use of technology standard be the same for an adolescent as it would be for an adult? Why or why not? Discuss the ways you would integrate this standard into your use of technology in direct social work practice


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