Difference in personality Essay
December 15, 2017
To?what?extent?do?you?think?crime?rates?differ?according?to?the?important?dimensions?of?structured?social inequality,?such?as?urban?social?life,?racial/ethnicity,?social?class,?and?gender??Which?of?these?factors?(above)?do you?feel?are?the?most?important?for?understanding?crime??Why?
December 15, 2017

Evaluation and Presentation

Part 1: In the final step for your strategic plan, determine the method you will use to evaluate how your strategic goal is being met. Include specific metrics that will be used to evaluate the success of the implementation. What types of controls will you use?

Part 2: Oral communication is essential in the business setting. Create a 5-10 minute powerpoint presentation that narrates your strategic plan from inception through evaluation. Be sure to address the ?why? and ?how? in your narrative. Imagine you are presenting your strategic plan in a meeting with your superior and other essential stakeholders to approve your plan.

This assignment uses the SWOT Analysis and Goals, strategic map, strategic map action plan, and strategic planning action


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