Evolution of Language

You have recently started working for a local department store in the Operations Department. You have always
had a passion for communication and technology, and at your new store, you quickly realize that their methods
of communication and their technological resources are outdated. You have worked retail for many years and
over time have realized that there are many gaps and differences in the way that people communicate and the
forms of technology that they are comfortable with. This applies to both your customers and your colleagues.
Because you feel that this is an area of expertise for you, you approach your supervisor and begin a discussion
about communication changes and gaps in communication in conjunction with the technological changes that
have happened over the last several decades. You and your supervisor discuss the best ways for your store to
understand various communication methods and the gaps that exist in communication among your consumers
and colleagues.
You volunteer to put together a written summary of broad spectrum changes in technology and the resulting
changes in communication methods and gaps in communication. Your supervisor loves this idea. He does ask,
however, that the information be presented in the form of a pamphlet or written statement that can be both
presented to staff and handed out by Human Resources as a training tool for employee relations.
You are encouraged to provide as many examples of changes to communication methods that you can come
up with. Also consider many different gaps in communication such as generational differences, differences in
socioeconomic status, the region the people live in, interest in technology, setting in which you are
communicating in (personal versus professional), etc. After considering these issues, your supervisor would
like you to present some ideas as to how your store can bridge communication gaps between colleagues and
with your customers.
For this written summary, you are to reflect upon and address the following information:
Consider various methods of communication, types of technology that can assist in communication, and other
factors involving technology that may impact or change communication.
Consider several factors that impact access to communication in society. Some possible are socioeconomic
status, access to technological resources, generational differences, differences in intellect, etc.
How have online environments and technological growth impacted how society communicates on both
personal and professional levels? Be sure to provide specific examples of both.
How do changes in methods of communication create communication gaps in our society?
What are some ways that society can bridge communication gaps that happen as a result of technological

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