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 I need help with my Math for liberal arts exam… 
Must be HIGHLY knowledgeable in Math for liberal arts, and must be very familiar with the topics listed below
experience with pearson MyMathLab preffered. Must have Respondus Lock down browser installed as well as up to date Adobe reader. 
Need this done asap ..There arent too many questions in this exam ,but covers the following topics:

Solve problems using the organization of the four-step problem-solving method
Babylonian numerals
Egyptian numerals
Roman numerals
Traditional Chinese numerals
Solve problems using linear models
Solve problems by comparing linear models
Solve problems using quadratic models 
Predict population size using proportions
Calculate future value using simple interest
Calculate future value using compound interest
Determine when a specific future value will be achieved using compound interest
Determine the future value of an annuity
Compute the monthly payment and interest costs for a mortgage
Find the sum of the measures of the angles of a polygon
Determine the Euler path of a traversable graph
Use the plurality method to determine the winner of an election
Use the plurality-with-elimination method to determine the winner of an election
Use the pairwise comparison method to determine the winner of an election
Use the Borda count method to determine the winner of an election
Use the majority criterion to determine if a voting system is fair
Use Hamilton’s method to apportion representatives
Use the Huntington-Hill method to apportion representatives
Determine when an Alabama paradox occurs when apportioning representatives
Model relationships using graphs
Use the Nearest Neighbor Method to approximate a solution to a traveling salesperson problem
Determine winning coalitions in a weighted voting system.


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