Examine the roles, responsibilities, and professional resources of health education specialists.

Week 5 Paper

By the end of this course you should have a greater understanding of  the health education profession. For the Final Project, you will submit a  paper that includes the following three parts: an examination of the  health education field and profession, an analysis of an HIV prevention  program, and the creation of a health education website focusing on  heart disease. The first two parts will make up the majority of the  paper that you will submit, but you will also need to supply a  description of the website you create, the information it contains, and  the website’s URL in your paper. It is advised that you create the  description of your website before you actually build it to ensure that  it contains all the required components.  

Part I: Introduction to Health Education and the Health Education Profession

Discuss the historical and future trends that have impacted the need for health education.
What are at least three major historical events that shaped health education?What is the focus of today’s health education?  How does it differ from previous foci of health education?
Examine the roles, responsibilities, and professional resources of health education specialists.
What are the seven areas of responsibility of the profession?How would you describe the overall role of a health education specialist?Who receives health education?  Who do health educators work with?What are two professional resources for health educators? How can they utilize these resources?What is a certified health education specialist(C.H.E.S.)? How is certification obtained?
Describe three professional settings where you might find a health education specialist at work.  
What do these settings have in common?  How are they different?  Are there any additional skill sets that a health education  specialist might need to work in one of these settings versus another?

Part II: HIV Prevention Program

Evaluate the HIV Prevention Program (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. implemented by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare by answering the following questions: What is the main purpose of this program? How was it designed to facilitate this purpose?Who is the target audience for this website? Who are the collaborators and stakeholders involved in this program?  What are the main components of the information provided on this website? Evaluate the information provided on the “HIV, Other STD, and Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Idaho Students (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” PDF.   Is the information given reliable? How can you tell?  Is it presented in a way that the target audience will understand?    

Part III: Delivering Messages Using Technology and Social Media For this part of the Final Project, you will apply technological  strategies to create a website that provides health education for women  at risk for heart disease. You must include a description of the website  and the main topics that you will address through the website in the  paper that you submit for grading. A link to the website URL must also  be included so that your instructor can view and grade your website.

Your website must meet the following inclusion criteria:

A minimum of three pages: a home page and at least two other web pages.    A brief introduction to heart disease and its effect on your chosen  population which includes data that supports the need for and purpose of  this education.A minimum of five basic tips or facts regarding heart disease and  women from credible and reliable sources. All sources must be referenced  and cited according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford  Writing Center.  Three Link at least three  information sites on various  organizations that support your message and provide assistance or  education to your population.Images, videos, website links, articles, and multimedia (including  health information and health care resources) where appropriate to  engage your viewers and educate them regarding heart disease.  5

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