Explain how multidisciplinary collaboration can affect clinical decision making.

No plagiarism will be checked with turnitin.
APA style, font 12, double spaced with headers.
Will need Title page, content 3 full double spaced  pages in length, plus Reference page. Total of 5 pages. Remember that discussion of each topic requires citations that are current
(less than 5 years old 2014-2018) and relevant.
This assignment is a formal paper. This includes: APA format, title page, headings, literature review, proper citation per APA, logical sequence, conclusions, clarity, understanding of the topic, and reference list.
The paper must demonstrate independent ideas and conclusions.  At a minimum, the following topics must be well articulated in the paper.
Please refer to the grading rubric for how your paper will be graded.
Please use headings while answering the questions below.  

1. Explain how multidisciplinary collaboration can affect clinical decision making.
2. Discuss how collaboration can lead to improved patients
3 Discuss how lack of collaboration can lead to poor patient outcomes.
4. Identify three barriers to professional collaboration among healthcare professionals
5. What are the five best ways to promote professional collaboration in pediatric primary care?
6. How can the nurse practitioner encourage and support collaboration among the patient, family, caregivers, and healthcare professionals?

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