Explain how you can begin to increase awareness and teach others about human trafficking.

Respond to 1 peers Discussion 6200

Choose a colleague’s post and widen the discussion by offering two additional responses to noted indicators. Please use the Learning Resources to support your answer.

Ashleigh Discussion 

· After learning about the character in the Parker Family case study, imagine that you were the school social worker. Which indicators would you have looked for and why.

There were several indicators discussed in the Parker Family video. The fact that she was a teenager, depressed, and had a lack of family support are three factors that stood out to me. “Suicide among adolescents continues to be a national concern, with over 1,900 children in the United States under the age of 20 dying by suicide annually” (Miers, Abbott, & Springer, 2012). She was also displaying signs of being depressed with her friends by losing interest in activities. This is a big indicator for possible suicide because she isn’t thinking clearly. Finally, after the attempted suicide, not only is she prone to try again but her family didn’t seem to care and acted like everything was fine. Her cry for help was not heard.

· How would you have responded to each of those indicators?

If I knew she was depressed I would have tried to get her in to see her doctor and possibly suggest an antidepressant. With the lack of family support, she could do individual counseling and group therapy to listen to other survivors of attempted suicide and work on an outside support system for herself.

· What kinds of questions would you have asked and why?

I would ask Stephanie about what kinds of things make her sad and happy. Also asking about what she does to help cope with stressful situations. Being able to learn how cope with stress can help to create healthy habits later on.


Respond to at least two colleagues who visited a different site and note similarities and differences between what you had learned and what your colleagues had shared about steps for becoming an ally to that group. Explain the impact of what your colleagues shared in their post.

Ashleigh Discusson post

Post a brief description of the website you visited. 

The website I chose to visit was called Thorn. This website was created by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore in 2012 that helped to create one solution via technology for catching child human trafficking. They are “able to quickly assess whether new technologies can be repurposed to protect children from sexual exploitation through one of our three strategic pillars: 1) accelerating victim identification 2) equipping platforms, and 3) empowering the public” (Defending Children From Sexual Abuse).

Explain how you might support Veronica and other human trafficking victims incorporating the information you have found.

I would help to support Veronica and other victims by working on building trust and working on the issues of PTSD.  Since there are no young support groups, I would create a support group specific for younger victims of human trafficking.

Explain how you can begin to increase your awareness of this issue and teach others about human trafficking victims.

I can increase my awareness of human trafficking by continuing to learn more about the issue through research and getting involved through Thorn or support groups. As a social worker I can also try to get others involved and educate them on human trafficking. The more who know and are aware the better.

Describe opportunities to get involved and become an ally to those who have been trafficked.

Identify steps you can take to begin to support this group.

There are several opportunities to get involved through Thorn. By listening to survivors you can become more aware of how real the situation is. “Survivors are the key to turning stats into tangible action” (Defending Children From Sexual Abuse). You can also find a local organization and see what some of their needs are and offer to help.

Nicole Discussion post 

A brief description of the website visited.

When thinking about how one might become an ally to victims of human trafficking. I visited the website of the Washington Viewpoint and understanding how one maneuvers to selling lives and those seeking a unified solution to human trafficking. This website explains what human trafficking is, how they find their victims, the purpose they use their victims for, and how partnerships come together to aid in helping survivors (Smith, 2014).

Information you How might you support Veronica and other human trafficking victims incorporating the have found.

I might support Veronica and other human trafficking victims through prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership. This will bring about an aspect to combat human trafficking. In doing this, safe housing, clothing, food, healthcare, mental health counseling, medical care, education, and legal assistance must be provided to the victims (Smith, 2014).

Explain how you can bring awareness of this issue and teach others about human trafficking victims.

I can increase awareness by remaining knowledgeable and reaching out to survivors to understand their experience to try and ensure this does not happen to anyone else. Bringing national attention to the different variations of human trafficking and the traffickers to include pimps, corporations, transitional criminal organizations, small criminal networks, local gangs, employers, and governments. It appears traffickers are at every level in society and it is up to people in positions to make this crime widespread and known (Smith, 2014).

Describe opportunities to get involved and become an ally to those who have been trafficked. Identify steps can you take to begin to support this group.

Opportunities to get involved can begin with advocating on the children’s behalf by working with governments and law enforcement both locally and internationally. To become a partner with non-profit organizations, organizing events with churches and private entities by bringing awareness to the communities is imperative. Remaining updated on research, data, and education can create continued awareness and shed light on human trafficking in the United States (Smith, 2014).

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