explain professional ways to handle complex patient scenarios 1

For this assignment, you will be creating a script to demonstrate your understanding of how to handle a complex patient scenario in a professional manner.

Pretend you are an administrative medical assistant and a patient comes into your clinic with a broken arm. The patient has no insurance and does not have any money to pay for the appointment at the time of the visit. Using a professional tone, write a script between you and the patient where you discuss payment options.

Include the following topics in your scenario:

  1. Welcoming the patient and inquiring about their condition.
  2. Discuss the office’s payment policy including:
    1. Payment must be made in full at the time of the visit OR a payment arrangement must be set up.
    2. Late fees will be assessed on missed payments.
  3. Provide the scenario with the patient checking out after their visit is complete:
    1. The total cost of the visit is $500, including the x-ray, cast and visit.
    2. Confirming the payment option (Patient determines to set-up payment arrangement with office).


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