Explain what continuous improvement means in the context of organizational success.


Explain what continuous improvement means in the context of organizational success. Explain how the concept can and should be applied. Explain how it is possible to lead continuous improvement systems and processes and how opportunities for improvement can be manage to provide benefits for an organization.

Outline how you, as an organizational leader, would gather information about continuous improvements needs and would contribute to an implement continuous improvement initiatives.

Consider also customer service and feedback from customers that might contribute to identification of improvement opportunities.

Include reference to the impact of change on individuals and groups within an organization, risk assessment, risk management an techniques for successfully managing the different tyoes of change. What actions would you take to ensure that employees in the organization understood the need for improvement and were able to cope with the accompanying changes?

Use examples or scenarios to support your theories and to demonstrate the need of effective continuous improvement processes. Tables, graphical diagrams, charts or statistical information can be included to help you explain and support your work.

Your will need to utilize works by several authors to develop the basic ideas. The ideas presente in your paper need to be logically sequenced, relevant to the topic and should provide evidence of wider reading. Quotations and references should be correctly cited in the text, with a complete reference list, in alphabetical order (Harvard referencing system) supplied at the end.

Statements should be justified, supported and explained using evidence from writers who are considered to be authorities on the subject, using real examples or by demonstration of your own ability to prove their validity.

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