factors to consider when hiring for a position of Bank Teller.

 Assignment 2: Selection Strategy and Weighted Compensatory Approach due Sept 22Instructions

Assignment 2: Selection Strategy and Weighted Compensatory Approach

You are employed as an HR consultant for a mid-sized bank. The bank employs 200 tellers across its branches.  You need to recommend to the bank what to consider when hiring for the position of Bank Teller. At this point you have completed Assignment 1 to support the bank in the way it hires Bank Tellers.  Now you are moving to Assignment 2.

For this second assignment there are two main tasks you need to complete:

Assignment 2: Part A Selection StrategyAssignment 2: Part B Weighted Compensatory Approach

Both tasks should be included in one document 2 to 5 pages in length, double spaced, use tables when needed, and use APA format for referencing and citing. Include a cover page and a reference page. For the complete instructions see Content> Course Resources> Three Major 

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