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HyperMotion Technology
Of all the video games in your history, which is your favorite? You might be surprised by the answer: FIFA 18. Released in 2014, the Madden release has met with huge success ever since.
“It’s about the players,” said Alex Jebailey, the producer behind EA Sports FIFA. “What you see on the pitch is the sum of their skill and talent and what you see is what they put on for you to see. [Laughs]”
Watch our FIFA 22 trailer:
“FIFA is designed to reflect the real world,” said Jebailey. “A lot of the real players in the game are the ones we got to use motion capture for on FIFA 18. And the best footballers are the ones who do these things all the time, all day, every day. [Laughs] They’re the ones who make the best on-ball defenders.”
Next-generation game engine
When you look at the teams lining up for the FIFA World Cup this summer, you’ll see the best players on the planet. No small number of those players perform for their club teams as well. Thanks to a new next-generation game engine, EA has a way of keeping all those players in the game.
“We had to rethink the entire game engine architecture,” said Jebailey. “It was a really big task that took three years. It was more than 50 players, because there’s a lot of magic that happens in the engine. We now have the power to do any number of things for the first time, starting with cover and physics. The cover has been created to look more like what you see in reality. You’re looking at a foot when the foot gets on to the ball, you can understand why. [Laughs]
“We’ve got collision hulls, which means that the players are the first things to hit when the ball hits the pitch. That was something that hadn’t been done before. You see if a player pushes the ball, the ball goes to that player. It helps the realism of it. That’s one of the main reasons the collisions are so good and the animation is so smooth. It helps the realism. We now understand what happens when players are close to the pitch.
“It’s taken us a while to get here, but the new engine is going to allow us
Download ☆☆☆☆☆ DOWNLOAD

Download ☆☆☆☆☆ DOWNLOAD
Fifa 22 Features Key:

Unreal Engine 4 powered by Frostbite from DICE
Increased gameplay speed and responsiveness
Increased ball control
Improved 3D graphics and animations
Highly evocative soundtrack
Career Mode – Follow yourManager, or hone your skills as a player
New gameplay features and user interface details

Release date:

Expected to be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, MAC & Linux on 23 October 2018

Expected price:


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FIFA is a series of association football video games, both in-house developed and published by Electronic Arts, the company behind the Madden NFL and NCAA Football franchises.
The FIFA series has been in development since the 1982 original Microprose. It has undergone many changes since the first game, including total revamping in 1993 in the FIFA World Game. Microprose was bought by Electronic Arts in 1992. In the early 2000s FIFA games feature a more realistic presentation. The official slogan of FIFA has been “The Game of the Year” since the start. The series now includes various features, such as a career mode and statistics.
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Powered by Football
Football returns in big and small ways. Global and national leagues, rosters, kits, player types, and more are being brought to life with more realism than ever before. Your stadium gets a major facelift, and the pitch takes the game to a new level. New camera angles, player animations, weather effects, players’ clothing, and the countless other details bring the game into the new millennium in all areas.
New Features and Improvements
Pro Player Status
Pro Play is now fully integrated into the Ultimate Team experience. Players will earn points and progress through the Pro Club ladder using their player roles. Players can also view their Pro Club progression at any time in Ultimate Team.
Global Leagues and National Leagues
With new features that make it easier to navigate around the world, there are now 83 pro clubs in the game, one of the largest contingent of ever.
The Brazilian league features a two-tiered formula. The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Série A will feature Série A clubs from all over Brazil, while the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B Série B will feature clubs from the second and third levels of the Brazilian football league system.
The Italian league features a major overhaul, including a revamped rank-and-file system, stadiums for each team, video footage, and 11 Serie A teams.
The Premier League has also been expanded, including a new roster, stadium, video footage, and player bio.
Armenia has been added to the World Cup, with the team’s new stadium, kit, squad, and more. The league has been improved by the addition of the Russian national team, which has a new squadbc9d6d6daa
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What’s new in Fifa 22:

Repackaged Winning Eleven game for all major regions and languages
Individual movement for all footballing styles in FIFA 22, giving you more control over your game
An expanded suite of game and user interface enhancements
New boots, gloves, and individual player attributes

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FIFA is the authentic emotion of the beautiful game. FIFA is real football; it’s about skill, technique, teamwork, and passion. FIFA is about taking a football club from the grassroots and working to lift it all the way to the pinnacle of the sport. FIFA is about family, friends, and growing with an organisation. FIFA is about the beautiful game, and the great club sides of the world. FIFA is a truly global phenomenon and this year FIFA promises a bigger, bolder, better game. FIFA is where gaming and football collide, and nothing matters more than gameplay innovation to deliver the ultimate football experience.
Powered by Football™
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 is the most technically advanced game available. By working closely with the world’s most successful clubs across all three major platforms, FIFA is the only place where you’ll find the authentic feeling of being a footballer. This year FIFA has created the new and improved Player Impact Engine™, which allows players to experience the world of the game at a level of detail that hasn’t been possible before. This new technology delivers a more realistic experience in every game situation, bringing your players’ individual performance to life. But the Player Impact Engine is just one of the many ways in which FIFA is evolving in this year’s game.
Crowd Control
This year FIFA brings back the Crowd Control system, which gives players more control over referees and coaches decisions in the final third of the pitch. Learn from mistakes and avoid mistakes by using the new Crowd Control panel to make your life easier and your opponents life harder.
Attack Intelligence
EA SPORTS FIFA Football is the only football game where you can see the next pass before the player in front makes it. FIFA is the only football game where you can predict a goal before it’s scored, and find the runs that set up your team’s next strike. EA SPORTS FIFA Football is the only football game where you can learn from previous mistakes with the improved Attack Intelligence.
Tactical Defending
EA SPORTS FIFA Football is the only football game where you can control a team’s positioning and position the player accordingly. FIFA is the only football game where positioning and discipline are as important as strength and speed, and running the line will bring more rewards for the best teams.
EA SPORTS FIFA Football is the only football game where you can use the environment to gain a tactical advantage.
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