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FIFA is the leading video game franchise in terms of units sold and revenue. Last year, FIFA sold more than 36 million units and earned more than $1.6 billion. Furthermore, there are two FIFA titles still in development, FIFA 20 and FIFA Ultimate Team, and the release date for FIFA 20 is on Sept. 28.The new gameplay and gameplay mechanics feature “Intelligent Player Intelligence,” “Quick Player Adjustments,” “Player Behavior Customization,” “Player Goalkeeper,” “Realistic Physics,” “Cooperation Between Players,” “Player Progressions,” “Real-World Player Lifestyle,” and “Dynamic AI.”The latest edition of the FIFA franchise, FIFA 20, offers a new look, new gameplay, and enhanced social features for a game that looks and plays like the real thing. New features in the game include “Intelligent Player Intelligence,” “Quick Player Adjustments,” and “Player Goalkeeper.” The game also includes an enhanced “Real World Player Lifestyle” as well as a refreshed UI and a revamped social media integration.FIFA 20 features Intelligent Player Intelligence (IPI) in gameplay, offering an adaptive training schedule that is specific to each player based on performance, training history, and current needs. IPI scans the game data to learn and adapt to what you do and master your craft. The game also offers an AI Trainer mode, which allows a player to mimic the moves of another player to master a certain skill. The game also has a “Quick Player Adjustments” feature, which allows users to make adjustments to the game settings right from the Player Profile screen. Lastly, FIFA 20 includes “Player Goalkeeper.” Players can now create more free kicks by feeling their way with the PlayStation Move controller.“Socially and visually, FIFA has always been very important to us,” said David Rutter, senior vice president, head of global studios at Electronic Arts. “The new-generation consoles presented us with the opportunity to once again take another big step forward with FIFA. We are excited for fans to experience the next step in our journey with FIFA.”
Key Features

Master your word – Completely rework the rules of language and debate in FIFA22. 
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FIFA is the world’s leading sports gaming franchise.
No FIFA title has been more successful than FIFA.
19 million football fans worldwide play FIFA every month.
The brand has been owned by Electronic Arts since 1994 and is EA’s flagship franchise. EA acquired the series in 1994 for $55 million. With a lineup of well-established soccer titles, FIFA has stayed the course, while others have changed their stripes.
FIFA, in short, dominates gaming the way a national team dominates a sports competition.
In FIFA, players develop the qualities of their individual stars, and teams are immersed in the emotions and tactical decisions of the sport.
It’s the only soccer game that allows players to control every single player on the pitch. You can even coach your team from the sidelines. Whether you’re driving into the box in a league game or coming up with a plan in the short-term build up to a knockout cup, FIFA lets you create, coach, lead, and execute like a true manager.
FIFA continues to provide unmatched innovation and development in the footballing arena.
Here are the latest FIFA features:
The new Player Impact Engine (PIE) adds more variations to the way players tackle, pass, shoot, and dribble the ball, giving players a bigger impact on matches than ever before. Over twenty-five unique variations of the world’s best players give defenders options to exploit, and more celebrations to savor.
FIFA’s match engine has also been rebuilt to run faster and smoother, resulting in a gameplay experience that is more closely aligned to the way players actually play and moves in and around the goal.
The revolutionary new pitch-side camera, known as the Broadcast Match View (BMV), features new angles and contextual commentary that brings you closer to the action than ever.
FIFA rewards mastery of the pitch, with more match settings, more customisation, and more ways to compete.
FIFA Manager Mode lets you take over the reigns of your favorite team, and lead them through a single season of the worlds’s most popular sports game.
Year after year, FIFA has delivered the most in-depth and immersive football experience. FIFA 21 is no exception.
FIFA 21 introduces two new offensive playmaking roles: Outstanding Striker and Impact Sub. Together, players can build out of the back or take onbc9d6d6daa
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A massive, free-to-play digital sports store that allows fans to build dream teams, compete in FIFA’s official club competition, and play in official real-world leagues, using over 950 players, and more than 6,500 licensed teams, stadiums, and more.
FIFA Mobile – FIFA Mobile gives fans the chance to play anytime, anywhere, with any device. Featuring FIFA Ultimate Team, a deep offline and online football gameplay experience, new ways to play, earn rewards, access all-new content, and more, FIFA Mobile is the most authentic and social way to enjoy the beautiful game.
PVP – with EA SPORTS PVP, the FIFA family of games continue to build on the foundation of the best-selling console franchise. With an all-new Player Impact Engine and a complete overhaul of the way attacks, crosses, and headers are modeled, EA SPORTS PVP creates the most authentic and interactive online leagues in the PES franchise.
FIFA 20 Info
Genre: association football
Developer: EA Canada, EA Vancouver, EA Los Angeles
Platform(s): Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, Google Play, iOS
Release date: Tuesday 23 September 2019
Licence Type: free-to-play
Price: £64.99/€69.99/€79.99
FIFA 20 Screenshots
FIFA 20 Trailer
FIFA 20 – Press Release
Sunday, 4th September 2019
Today we are excited to announce an all-new FIFA experience for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. Starting on September 6, FIFA 20 will be free to play to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members on all platforms until October 25. More details will be shared over the coming weeks. The free-to-play experience on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is our biggest launch ever as a part of the worldwide franchise, with more than half a billion players playing around the world in our free-to-play digital leagues this year. That’s a bigger number than one of the biggest nations in the world.
Stay tuned for more FIFA 20 news, here, on Xbox Wire and the official EA SPORTS website.
Official YouTube Channel For FIFA
For those interested in more
FIFA – online, offline, free-to-play, you name it. You’ve got to play FIFA if you�

What’s new:

Live on pitch: Live in 360 where you’ll turn and see how your opponent moves.
Let the players do the talking. Diminish the ball with new defensive wall control, and make the most of new camera angles and camera transitions. Watch the ball like a hawk and make your opponent’s life miserable all season long.
Strength in Numbers. The new Massed Attack Roles give you ten players playing off each other. Expect all-out matches in FIFA 22’s Team Battles.
Every goal you score is the beginning of a win.
Climb The Ladder. Be the top manager in your country as you collect your first trophies, then compete against other managers on FIFA’s global leaderboards. Or, challenge your skills through a worldwide Ranking System.
Stand Tall. Increase your Club’s stature by taking on challengers from Europe to Asia in Club World Cups.
Become Legendary. FIFA and Career releases this year will be accompanied by a fresh dose of the DLC functionality of Ultimate Team.

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FIFA is a popular soccer franchise that allows you to experience the beautiful game like never before. FIFA lets you play, view and share your best moments from matches, complete tournaments, and compete in multiple game modes including Exhibition, World, UEFA, Club and more.
Updated FIFA 19 gameplay. Includes new game engine, AI, dribbling, offensive and defensive tactics, 3D pitch visuals and a pitch that is 40% larger than FIFA 18.
FIFA Ultimate Team is now more efficient and allows you to try out new players and formations in the ultimate simulation football game.
Play a whole new story mode, where you take control of a club, build your team and manage your players’ performance to finish the season in the top.
New gameplay controls, d-pad to move / slide, aim button, zoom in and out, press to switch players on the pitch and more.
New gear of the match engine, such as Covering Defences, through balls and Chance to Score, as well as all-new reactive gameplay.
Full Season Mode brings the depth of real seasons in-game.
New Career Mode allows you to build a club from the ground up, opening up new career challenges with several difficulty options.
FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition is sold separately for $99.99. Add $20 to obtain Standard Edition ($29.99).
The EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Demo is playable on Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Visit for download links.
The FIFA team has gone back to the drawing board and rebuilt the game engine on FIFA 19 to deliver the most authentic, true-to-life gameplay experience ever. FIFA 19 brings a brand-new game engine, improved AI and new dribbling, offensive and defensive tactics.
From identifying the best player, to understanding the psychology of football, to finally becoming a master of the game. Featuring the strongest and most comprehensive football education system on any console. The football academy delivers the full UEFA coaching curriculum to help you master the modern game.
Dynamic Player Ratings
Dynamic Player Ratings
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