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Gaining Perspective: The goal of this assignment is to understand developmental changes in middle and late adulthood. For this assignment, you will interview one adult in middle adulthood and one adult in late adulthood (It is okay to use a relative for this just be sure to select someone who is talkative and wants to participate). For each interview select a minimum of 10 questions.To complete the interviews you need to connect the questions with the expected changes in this developmental period. Use APA Style to cite the interviews and any other resources. Examples of some questions that you could ask include:
“What is your best childhood memory?” (and why?) “What has been the most significant invention in your lifetime?” (why?)
“What is an accomplishment that you are particularly proud of?”
“Do you feel that you are making vital contributions to society? (Why or why not?)
“How important is your family to you?”

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