General Biology 4

Please answer the following questions:1.- What are the three metabolic stages of Cellular respiration?2.- How many ATP molecules are produced by Cellular Respiration and by Fermentation?3.- Where in the cell, Glycolysis and Fermentation take place?4.- In which cellular organelle citric acid cycle and electron transport chain take place?1-Define Photosynthesis.2-Microscopic pores of leaf where gas exchange occurs is known as___________________________3-Define a Chloroplasts.4-Photosynthesis is divided into two phases: A_______________________________________________B_______________________________________________5-Define Photoautotrophs6- How many chromosomes are found in human body cells?7-Define the Cell cycle.8- Name the Three Phases of Interphase.9- Name the Five stages of Mitosis.10- Define Cytokinesis.
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