Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety disorder

1.  People with GAD worry excessively about activities and situations that revolve around everyday life, such as family, money, health, and work.

2. The main focus of this disorder is excessive worry.

3.  GAD creates difficulty in 3 realms:  cognitive, physical and emotional.  Cognitive is when the individual catastrophizes things, fearing unfavorable outcomes will occur.  Physical is when people experience such symptoms as stomach aches, sweats, shaking, etc, causing more stress hormones to be sent through the body.  Emotional is when people are on edge, irritable, emotionally unstable due to the anxiety.

4.  GAD is a very common diagnosis for many people that just cannot control the amount of anxiety that they have to a life situation.

Selective Mutism

1. People with this disorder consistently fail to speak in social situation where speech is expected even though speaking occurs in other situations, such as home.

2.  It is a pretty rare disorder. ( i have only worked with one person that was diagnosed such.)

3.  It is a very tough disorder to treat, as there are many excuses for this, such as being an introvert, being shy, etc.

Your assignment:  I want you to give me an example of a popular person, tv character, movie, real life, etc, who you think may have Generalized Anxiety disorder and tell me why and then what you would do to help them.  I want you to dig deeper than you will initially learn.  Such as breathing, etc.  I want what will really work to overcome GAD


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