Give the Best Oral Sex Ever


How to give a man the oral sex of his life:

When it comes to oral sex, a woman needs to know how to do it  best . Guys are very particular about good oral sex especially when bragging about sex to their mates it can be very encouraging for him when it is good. Good oral sex also will definitely lead to great sex so there is nothing to worry there once you have mastered how to give a man the oral sex of his life!

Tip #1: Use a vibrating penis ring. Unless the both of you strongly oppose sex objects, putting a vibrating cock ring at the base of his shaft will get him going good. On top of that, keep licking, sucking and stroking his penis at the same time.

Tip #2: Use an oral pleasure gel. This gives you a tasty treat whilst making him feel better by avoiding hurting him.

Tip #3: Always use your hand to stroke up and down his penis whilst having the tip of your mouth on his head.

This will still make him feel good whilst under the impression that you are giving him head even if you can’t put his whole penis into your mouth.

Tip #4: Lick the bottom side of his penis (close to his testicles), this is a very sensitive part and can drive a man wild!

Tip #5: Use your hand to get him off before giving him a good hand job. This stimulates your man by getting him ready for a better step up!


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