GOVT2306 Lonestar College Texas Politics Discussion Questions

The paper is an individual project where you will be focusing on analyzing core macroeconomics variables delivered in a college level format paper.

You must try to convince the reader of any particular topic in economics using principles of macroeconomics to substantiate your thesis.

Examples of previous titles include:

“End the Fed”, “Deflation is coming”, “Inflation Will End the U.S.”, “The Phillips Curve is Nonexistent”. “Trump will Fix the Economy”, “Bitcoin will replace the USD”, “Bernie was right”

  • The paper must be submitted in a Microsoft word format
  • No late submissions will be accepted for any reason, including technical, personal, or other
  • After you submit the paper, you must make sure it’s not a corrupt file
  • Your paper must be your original work. If it is not, you will automatically fail the assignment
  • You may not submit work you have presented in other courses (I will use software to test the originality of your paper).If you do, you will automatically fail the assignment
  • The paper must contain between 800-1200 words
  • The paper must be in MLA Format (
  • You must include at least 2 charts found in the FRED ( database to substantiate your economic argument.
  • You must include at least five sources in a works cited page (
  • Paper grades will only be transferred to D2L after the due date
  • As a result of receiving too many papers on these topics, you may not write about the legalization of marijuana, the current legal drinking age, or gun control. If you do, you will automatically fail the assignment.
  • Double space your paper
  • Include your graphs (not links to your graphs) in your paper
  • Highlight each textbook vocabulary word you use on your paper
  • You may not use quotes, instead, paraphrase
  • FRED does not count as one of your five required sources


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