Historical sports figure | history of sport | Wayne State University

The purpose of this paper is to research a less than well known historical sports figure and their contributions to sports history. 
Write a five (5) page paper about a national or international historical sport figure. This historical sport figure should be an individual who may be unknown to many but has contributed to the history of sport. Your historical figure can be a former coach, athlete, administrator, sports advocate, sportswriter/broadcaster, etc.
The following information must be included in the paper

Basic demographic information
Career information
Obstacles faced
Accomplishments made
Their importance to sports history
Your reasons for selecting them
The societal context surrounding the figure & their contributions
A minimum of five (5) credible references

Remember this paper must be in APA format for citations, font, spacing, margins and headers. No title page or abstract is required, just please remember to cite your sources in text and include a references section at the end.

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