how does a photograph differ from a painting 1

Art collectors feel that owning an original, one of a kind work of art makes a significant statement. Why then would multiple copies of images be created as artistic expressions – to what purpose are multiple images, such as photographs, made? When did multiple images first become important and why? What other historical factors have come into play in the development of photography?

Think like a photographer and simulate the intellectual process of what a photographer would do to capture the perfect image [or if you have a camera, experience the photographic process first hand]. What is involved with conveying the quality of an image in terms of the composition of the original subject matter [Julie Margaret Cameron] AND the steps taken to realize a final product [Ansel Adams]? What does the photographer control when creating art?

Offer examples (with page numbers) of photographs in The Humanities through the Arts that show specifically how a photographer has ‘controlled’ an image. What statement does the photograph convey to you on a personal level; is the image universal in meaning or is the image left to individual interpretation?


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