Human Capital and HR Systems Analysis Paper

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June 29, 2020
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Human Capital and HR Systems Analysis Paper

Final Assignment:

Human Capital and HR Systems Analysis Paper

Length of paper is approximately 6 – 8 pages. The outcome of this paper is to illustrate a detailed set of recommendations that could be discussed and potentially implemented in an organization. The paper should be 12-pt, double spaced, beginning with an APA coversheet and a reference page (both these pages should not be included in the page count). This paper will contain the following elements:

1. Overview: This section includes a general overview of the importance of an effective Human Resource Capital system which is integrated with the strategic and financial plans of the organization. This overview will include the importance of designing and implementing Human Capital processes and systems to optimize the use of talents (individual and team) to impact organizational performance.

2. Analyze the organizations Human Capital and HR processes through one of the following areas 1) Performance Management 2) Training and Development or 3) Career Development. For the system that you select as the focus of your analysis, you will begin with a general overview of the area (using the information from the textbook, articles and our class exercises/discussions. You will then describe how the organization currently uses the system to impact business/organizational performance and the engagement of people.

3. Based on the analysis you conducted on the organizations processes and systems (in #2 above), you will provide three specific recommendations on how to expand, improve and/or redesign the Human Capital process to fill the gaps you identified.

Required Text:
Hardback, Paperback or Digital formats are acceptable for the books.
Human Resource Management 6th Edition 2013 H. John Bernardin and Joyce E.A. Russell McGraw-Hill Irwin
ISBN-13: 978-0077602963
ISBN-10: 9780077602963
If students have the 5th Edition, that is acceptable.


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