i need help for position paper 1

My topic: teenager marriage

Write 3 and 4 pages

The Requirement for this project

1) Provides background in introduction

2) Includes your assigned question (worked into the

narrative of your introduction). NO THESIS IN


3) 3-5 body paragraphs focus entirely on providing

your research.

4) Each body paragraph focuses on ONE topic

Each body paragraph includes 1-2 outside sources

to support your analysis.

5) Thesis is included IN YOUR CONCLUSION

(“delayed thesis”).

6) Conclusion provides your thesis AND a

compromise, course of action, and/or some type of

final judgement.

7) 2 sources MINIMUM on your Works Cited list.

8) MLA formatting throughout.

Also use my sources in the pdf i give you work cited if doesnt working let me know

Mehrass, Amat Al-Khaleq O., et al. “Early Marriage and Less Education as Independent Predictors for High Fertility in Yemen.” Annals of Medical & Health Sciences Research, vol. 7, no. 4, July 2017, pp. 251–255. EBSCOhost, search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&AN=125362019&site=ehost-live.


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