i need help to write poem

Examples of Descriptive Language
PROMPT: Please take something ordinary ( a feeling, event, routine, object, person, etc) and
describe it in a new surprising and revelatory way.
This is an example:
Sifting in the Afternoon BY MALACHI BLACK (2009)

Some people might describe this room as spare:
a bedside table and an ashtray and an antique
chair; a mattress and a coffee mug;
an unwashed cotton blanket and a rug
my mother used to own. I used to have
a phone. I used to have another
room, a bigger broom, a wetter sponge.
I used to water my bouquet
of paper clips and empty pens, of things
I thought I’d want to say if given chance;
but now, to live, to sit somehow, to watch
a particle of thought dote on the dust
and dwindle in a little grid of shadow
on the sunset’s patchy rust seems like enough.

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