i want some one do the homework

Question 1: Summarize ebook chap11 making sure to cover all the concepts listed in the objectives. [2 pt]
Question2: Run the example for UART_4C123 in the simulator. Change the string to display “Your Name EET3350”. Deliverable: a screenshot of the simulated UART display with your name. [2 pt]
Question 3. What is the PLL?[ 0.5 pt]
Question 4. Why does the microcontroller have a PLL? [0.5pt]
Question 5. What does abstraction mean? [0.5pt]
Question 6. Why is abstraction really important for engineering design? [0.5pt]
Question 7. What is the difference between a state transition graph and a state transition table? [0.5pt]
Question 8. What is the difference between a table FSM and a linked FSM? [0.5pt]
Question 9.
Implement Lab 3 with a Moore FSM. Develop the state transition table [ 1.5 pt].
Using C, develop the corresponding indexed structure [1 pt]1) Make PE0 an output and make PE1 an input.
2) The system starts with the LED on (make PE0 =1).
3) Wait about 62 ms
4) If the switch is pressed (PE1 is 1), then toggle the LED once, else turn the LED on.
5) Steps 3 and 4 are repeated over and over
Question 10. Why do we need I/O synchronization? [0.5
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