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#here is the instruction of the paper
Final Assignment:Last week I mentioned a final written assignment. As I have said all semester, everything is a process and as such, everything can be improved. To that end, I would like each of you to write a 3-5 page paper about a process in your life you would like to improve. Learning in a classroom is good but the real learning comes from applying what we talk about in a practical fashion. I want to know how you are applying what we have talked about and covered in class in a very practical manner to make an improvement in your life. This improvement can be in your work life or your personal life. Look at a process you are engaged in, think about where there is waste, how do you know where the waste is (what signs do you witness) and what steps are you going to take to improve the process? Why these steps? What other options exist? How will you know if you did in fact improve the process? Now, physically modify your behavior and tell me, how did the change feel? Was it easy? Have you seen improvements? If not yet, how long before you see tangible improvements in your process? Was the change easy? Why or why not? I think you get the picture. The paper is due by Monday December 10 but remember, you have to implement the change and discuss the change process in the paper so the change must be implemented well before December 10th.

#the topic is body building including ( healthy food, cardio, lifting weights)
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