Identify/describe/interpret any medical issues associated with the client

Identify/describe/interpret any medical issues associated with the client

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Case Study: Assignment 1 (Assessment & Treatment Plan) Students will locate a case study and complete the following tasks: Case study are in uploads, pick 1 case study. Will upload case example

? Identify/describe/interpret your client & give a brief synopsis of the case/history
? Identify/describe/interpret client strengths & sources of support
? Identify/describe/interpret any medical issues associated with the client
? Identify/describe/interpret environmental & cultural factors that may be associated with client’s current state
? Identify/describe/interpret a target for intervention
? Identify/describe/interpret at least one mode of treatment
? Identify/describe/interpret at least one mutually agreed upon goal (hint- use target for intervention)
? Provide a concise description of the target goal(s)
? Identify/describe/interpret at least two objectives related to the mutually agreed upon goal
? Identify/describe/interpret required activities to accomplish the goal (social worker?s responsibilities/activities)
? Identify/describe/interpret a timeline for completion of each objective.
? Identify/describe/interpret, & interprets a plan for follow-up that includes information on how the intervention will be monitored and evaluated for success or change.

Requires a scholarly level of writing that includes cited research to back up assertions, especially with regard to potential treatment modalities. Scholarly writing in the School of Social Work requires the accurate use of APA 6th Edition style. An abstract is not required for this assignment.

Case 2.1 27
m When Regina discovered that Don was see-
ing another woman, she became very angry and
Identifying Information depressed. She began working overtime, some-
Client Name: Sarah CisnerOs times 12 hours a day, as a way of coping with
Age: 7 years old i the upheaval in her marriage. Sarah often sees
Ethnicity: Hispanic her mother only early in the morning when
Educational Level: Second grade Sarah is getting ready for school. Sarah?s grand-
Parents: Regina and Don Cisneros mother takes care of her after school. She com-
plains to Regina that Sarah is ?headstrong?
Background Information and ?can?t seem to follow directions.? She also
Sarah Cisneros is a 7-year-old Hispanic female tells Regina that if Sarah were given a good
who has just started the second grade at Hutto spanking she would ?straighten up.?
Elementary School. She is a friendly and en- Regina just doesn?t feel she has the energy
gaging child, although she has had numerous to deal with Sarah?s behavior and told her
problems at school. Last year, the teacher re- mother, ?I just can?t deal with everything,
ported that Sarah had difficulty following di- Mom. You need to help me with the discipline.
rections and staying in her seat and talked in- I can?t be mother and father, hold downa job,
cessantly. She often got into disagreements with and deal with Don. It?s just too much for me
other children on the playground when she right now.?
couldn?t seem to follow the rules of a game they Regina?s mother told Sarah that if she didn?t
were playing. Her teacher also stated that she follow directions, she would get a spanking.
had difficulty learning the alphabet and writ- Sarah screamed, ?If my Daddy was here, he?d
ing letters and numbers. Sarah often reversed give you a spanking,? and ran to her room,
words, saying ?tac? instead of ?cat? and slamming the door.
?kool? instead of ?look.? Although she had a Regina decided to enroll Sarah in Brownie
difficult time in first grade, her teacher felt that Scouts for one afternoon a week after school.
Sarah was just an active child who would ?set- The Brownie Scout leader is a friend of Regina?s
tle down? when she entered second grade. who lives down the street and said she?d bring
At the beginning of second grade, Sarah?s par- Sarah home after the Scout meeting. Although
ents separated. Sarah stayed with her mother, Sarah was very excited about being a Brownie,
Regina, age 27. Regina moved back to Sarah?s she had difficulty getting along with the other
grandmother?s home and went to work, as an girls. She couldn?t sit quietly and work on proj-
administrative assistant at a law firm in town. ects; she often interrupted the leader with silly
Sarah?s father, Don, age 32, moved in with a outbursts; she got bored easily and began run-
girlfriend he had been seeing for several months ning around the room; and she disrupted the
prior to the separation. Don travels extensively meetings with her constant chatter.
in his job as an international computer sales After several weeks, the Brownie leader
representative. He is often out of the country called Regina and told her that perhaps Sarah
a for 3-4 weeks at a time. Sarah told her grand- needs another year before she?s mature enough
3. mother, ?My heart won?t hurt anymore when to be in Brownie Scouts. Regina was so frus-
j my daddy comes back to live with me.? Regina trated that when she got home from work, she
and Don have told Sarah that they are just liv- screamed at Sarah, gave her a spanking, and
ing in separate places for a little while. sent her to her room. Sarah slammed her door

I 28 Chapter 2 Infant, Childhood, and Adolescent Disorders . j
and began throwing all her toys off the shelves. Initial Interview with Regina V tells the 1 h Case 2’1 29
She screamed for 2 hours until she was so ex- The counselor introduces herself as Peggy that he inure ordt at Doh recently, tOld het When Peggy suggests they can do something
hausted that she lay down on the floor and Ross, a clinical social work practitioner who havior g8: W lppeh all the tlme for hIS bad be- else once they have finished their pictures Sarah
went to sleep. works with children and families. Peggy tells y S ankijn lflsaysS t a}: she doesn t really think gets irritable and keeps jumping up frdm the
After this incident, Regina, feeling very g Regina about the agency and what her role as olfthe nightelfs arak ” She relates the meldeht table and wandering ardund the room. She says
guilty, sought the advice of the counselor at a counselor is. Regina tells Peggy about the and the? s espin ed Sarah out offrustration that she has lots of friends at school. She likes
school. The counselor suggested that Sarah problems she has been having with Sarah since After astrum t ht Sarah threw afterward. recreation time the best because she likes

I I m ~ and ask the assistant why Mrs. Corbin is re-
I l – . strained. Misty jumps and appears surprised at
I Identifying Information your presence. She tells you that Mrs. Corbin
I Name: Della Corbin has been ?out of her head? since she was ad-
1 Age: 72 years old mitted to the hospital. l
1 Ethnicity: Caucasian ?I don?t think she even knows where she?s I
l Marital Status: Widowed at,? Misty tells you. ?I think she believes she?s
c I at home. She?s confused about who I am. Some- i’?
g .I * Intake Information times, she thinks I?m her daughter and that she?s
l , You are a social worker at a hospital located in at home. This morning she was telling me to get
i ‘ I ; a small town in the mountains of Tennessee. The her bathrobe out of the closet in the other bed-
nurse on the medical floor has asked you to eval- room, so I think she believes she?s at her home.?
uate a woman who was admitted to the hospi- ?Okay. Is it all right if I try to talk with her
tal for possible nursing home placement. The for a few minutes?? you ask Misty.
i . I nurse stated that Della Corbin was admitted ?Oh yes, please do. She?s not making much I
2 days ago. Her husband died a year ago, and sense though,? Misty replies.
I ‘ : she has a son who lives out of state. Her daugh- You tell Mrs. Corbin your name and that you
I ter lives in Memphis-a 6-hour drive from her- are the social worker at the hospital. She glares
mother?s home. Mrs. Corbin apparently has at you and asks you where her Coca-Cola is.
I – many friends from her church, and several of ?Mrs. Corbin,Idon?t have your Coke.Would
them have been inquiringabout her health. One you like me to see if the nurse can get you a
close friend told the nurse that Mrs. Corbin was Coke?? you ask. I
l in good health until she moved into an apart- ?Well, I wouldn?t really need it if I had my l
l J ? ment house following her husband?s death. bathrobe. Where the hell is my doctor? He l
V ? , ‘ needs to find my bathrobe. If I had that bath-
l i I ; , i Initial Interview robe, I could go and get those philodendron
I . ‘ ” i. As you enter Mrs. Corbin?s room, you immedi- plants that I love. Then I could finish decorat- l
l ? ; ?_ – ately observe a very petite, fragile woman lying ing the living room for the holidays. That angel ~ l
l ? . . l in bed with a white sheet and two green blan- up top of the tree looks like Barbra Streisand.?
l I I kets covering her bed. She appears to be en- You repeat, ?Would you still like me to get 2
l ; ? ? . r~ . veloped in the bedding. Upon closer examina- you a Coke??
I . I .”I’ tion, you notice that Mrs. Corbin has been ?I hate those goddamned commercials with
l I ?I restrained in her bed. Her arms are loosely tied the polar bears in ?em. Like that?ll make some-
is ? i_ to the bed railings, which are fully extended one want a soda, goddamn it! Those commer-
I l I.- on each side of the bed. Mrs. Corbin appears cials just bug the crap out of me! I can?t even
a l . azalert but very agitated. Misty Wells, the nurs- believe you brought that up . . . look at my arms!
?.II? . I1 . mg assistant, is feeding her applesauce, and Get these things off my arms! I?ll call the cops if
n i 7.1: 8. Corbin is spitting and yelling Obscenities you don?t get these damned things off my arms.
1 . ft her. The situation is much more chaotic than And you keep asking about that soda? C?mere
I? I, I ” J9? ?Xpected. and I?ll show you what I think of that Coke of
i l . r nursing assistant is so intent on feeding yours.? She bares her teeth and spit flies.
l ‘ ? ‘ ?95? Corbin that she doesn?t notice you enter- You back up a few feet since Mrs. Corbin is
11 . i 1 Evthe room. You quietly approach the bedside gnashing her teeth and spitting as she threatens




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