Immersion 2-Phase Liquid Cooling for Data Centre Thermal Management (Lit Review and Introduction)

Objective : Investigate a solution for 2-phase cooling the data boards for the data centre.

Scope: The development of data centre requires fast and effective heat removal from the data board in the data center. In comparison with the convectional air cooling, the 2-phase immersion cooling can remove high thermal flux and increase the cooling efficiency. The present project is to find a solution for the immersion cooling for cooling the data processing boards for data centers.


(1) Literature Review of investigation on 2-phase immersion cooling (3000 words)
(2) Introduction (500 words)

Assignment Focus:

Please write in DETAILS on the following:

  • Conventional Air Cooling
  • Immersion Liquid Cooling (Direct and Indirect)
  • Single phase cooling
  • Two phase cooling
  • Flow Boiling
  • Pool Boiling
  • Exergy analysis on two phase immersion liquid cooling** (important)
  • [Others related information can be added in as well]

Please include:

Cited schematic drawings / diagram for each part of the assignment (need to have a good number of drawings and diagrams)

Minimum of 30 references (maximum 34 references) (IEEE) from past research papers and in-text citations]

Overall Information and requirements:

Subject of Assignment: Engineering

Number of Words: TOTAL 3500 (Lit review + Introduction)

Type of Referencing: IEEE

Number of References Required: Min 30 Max 34

Deadline: 72 hours


Sample report for your reference only, please do not copy!

Thank you!

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