Impact Assignment: Part 2 Instructions

will use the information you have gathered and the insight you have gained from
Impact Assignment: Part 1 to develop a PowerPoint Presentation of at least 15
slides, including a title slide and a reference slide. Do not exceed 16 slides
of content. This presentation must be created as if you are presenting
information to a group of clients regarding the impact your topic has on
development. Assume that they are unfamiliar with your topic and are seeking
your help understanding the impact this topic has on them or their family

must use your textbook and the sources you used in Part 1; however, you can
also use other relevant sources of information to develop your PowerPoint
Presentation. Include appropriate citations to your sources at the bottom of
each slide.

Your presentation must include these

Title slide (Slide 1)


  • How is the topic
    defined or conceptualized? (Slide 2)

Developmental Impact slides

  • At what age and stage
    does this issue typically impact a person? 
    (Slide 3)
  • What is its potential
    impact on a person’s development progress? (Slide 4)
  • What is the impact to
    cognitive, social, emotional, relationship, and/or moral dimensions of
    development? (Slides 5–6)

Client Awareness:

  • How does this topic
    impact the individual’s environment? (Slide 7)
  • How does this topic
    impact the individual’s family? (Slide 8)
  • What are the best
    strategies for dealing with this from an individual or family support
    perspective?  (Slides 9–10)

Faith & Professional Perspectives

  • Are there Christian
    principles or biblical themes that provide explanation or clarification you
    want to include? (Slide 11)
  • What can clients
    expect you to be able to do to help them (you, as a human service professional,
    or your agency)? (Slide 12)

– Educational readings (These can be the same ones used in Part 1.)

  • Provide 2 suggestions
    of educational readings that you might suggest if a client was impacted by your
    topic. What reading materials would be most beneficial and appropriate for your
    clients? You must research literature, read reviews and excerpts, and become
    knowledgable and comfortable with the content of the materials. Then, make 2 suggestions
    of the best information you found and would be comfortable recommending to
    clients. Provide the title, a link to the source, and a 1-paragraph explanation
    of the content. (Slide 13)

Resources – Referral sources

  • Provide 2 referral
    sources that you could recommend to clients. Research providers in your local
    area that offer services and care related to your impact topic. Provide a web
    link to the agency or organization. Under the link, provide a 1-paragraph explanation
    of services they provide that are related to your topic and why you would
    recommend it. (Slide 14)


Provide a
complete list of references in current APA format that you used to inform your
presentation. A minimum of 4 are required. (Slide 15)

Writing Guidelines:

Include speaking notes for Slides 2–12.
Speaking notes are text notes that only the presenter sees during the
presentation. You can add these to your presentation by clicking on “click to
add notes” at the bottom of each slide when you are viewing it to edit or
develop it further. When presenting a PowerPoint presentation, you only need to
include the most relevant information on your slides. However, sometimes you may
want to speak about those relevant points in more detail. Including speaking notes
allows you to view extended details while presenting and go beyond just reading
from your slides. This is a “best practice” for professional presentations,
which is why they must be included in your assignment.

your presentation, do not write in paragraph form, but rather you must use
headings, complete statements, and bullet points to organize your slide
content. Use an attractive, professional background. You may use images, but do
not let them overwhelm your slides. Avoid flashing transitions. Use consistent
language appropriate for your client audience as well as consistent fonts,
colors, and writing styles.

Submit this assignment by 11:59
p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.


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