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Write a post that addresses the readings above using 2-3 #DigitalPowerUps. Be sure to cite content from one or more texts by using anchor text and hyperlinks within your response. Then, comment on other student post(s) using 2-3 additional powerups (for more information about powerups, see the instruction page in the Housekeeping Module).
#DigitalPowerups ???? Remember: List or restate something from the content presented; then, add an opinion in your response. Use #remember  ???? Understand: Ask a question regarding something you are unsure about related to the content presented and provide your best guess at an answer. Use #understand ????? Apply: Organize the content presented into something new. This could take the form of a table, chart, timeline, diagram, model or other visualization. Use #apply ???? Analyze: Examine a quote or an excerpt from the content presented, and then compare it to a different source. Explain why you think they’re related. Use #analyze ?? Evaluate: Critique something from the content presented in a respectful manner. Cite evidence to support your critique in your response. Use #evaluate ???? Create: Create something new based on the content presented.  You can use text, images, photos, video, screencasts, audio recordings, digital media, or other supplies in your creation. Use #create ???? Connect: Connect the content presented to an issue or experience outside of this course. Think either globally or from your own personal experience, and share how you feel it makes a relevant connection. Use #connect
Typically, you’ll need at least 2 or 3 sentences to properly address each of the powerups that you select (or a 2-3 minute video recording). Identify your responses by using the appropriate bolded #hashtag that corresponds to the digital powerups that you’re addressing (EX. #understand How can using digital powerups enrich online discussions?). 

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