International Business Current event logs

Current events log that includes topics from international events. 

Three entries from any recognized (See Optional Material in the Syllabus) source such as newspaper articles, magazine articles, internet, TV, etc related to INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS.  One of the three entries MUST be an ETHIC related article.

These Logs must include:

(1) A summary of the article in your own words,

(2) an analysis of what is the impact of the information in the article, you feel, it has on an international or local level by relating the article to the class (In other words, how is the article related to the course chapters, what is the impact of the information on the global business world (affected countries and economies), etc.). It is expected you use your own words.

(3) Link the information from the article with the class material.  Covered material: Globalization and international business; the cultural environments facing business; the political and legal environments facing business; the economic environments facing business; globalization and society; international trade ad factor mobility theory; governmental influence on trade; cross-national cooperation and agreements.

(4) Do not use articles that are more than three months old.

(5) Each entry must have the source and date of your information.

(6) Insert the summary, analysis and Reference of the three articles ALL in ONE document. Please, identify each… Article #1, Summary, Analysis, and Reference…Article #2. Summary, Analysis, and Reference…Article #3. Summary, Analysis, and Reference…


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