International Management –

 Diversity can present communication barriers, which can affect productivity and positive work environments. Team-building activities offer an opportunity for work groups to collaborate, communicate, and learn about one another. Create your own, or select a team-building activity that creates opportunities for collaboration and communication among a diverse work group. Include the following criteria in your team-building activity:
a. Describe the participants:

i. At least three cultures


ii. 4-15 members in the work group


b. Describe an activity that:

i. Promotes team work


ii. Is not offensive to the cultures


iii. Provides opportunities for fun


iv. Provides opportunities for learning

c. Describe how the activity will be effective for the diverse participants
Create your own or select an activity from the Internet. You can find activities at websites such as Feel free to search the Internet for other activities.
This team-building activity does not have to be industry or job specific. In fact, it should focus on teamwork and communication.
Management is not always about creating the activity, but selecting or recognizing an activity that is appropriate for the intended participants. Will it contribute to the overall return on investment of the organization?

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